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Image by Crema Joe

Basic Clean:



Dust top of refrigerator, wipe down counter tops, spot clean cabinet fronts, clean and disinfect sink, clean microwave inside and out, clean and shine outside of oven and top of range, clean and shine outside of dishwasher, clean and shine outside of refrigerator, clean and disinfect kitchen table.



Clean and disinfect surfaces, spot clean front of cabinets, clean, disinfect, and shine showers and tubs. clean, disinfect, and shine sinks/faucets, clean and disinfect toilets inside and out.


Living Spaces/bedrooms:

Dust surfaces, base boards, picture frames, dust and clean mirrors, vacuum all floors, mop floors, tidy up/make beds, empty all trash.

(PLEASE NOTE: First time cleanings always tend to take a little bit longer than a reoccurring cleaning would. This applies to all other levels of cleaning.

Deep clean:

Includes above levels of cleaning plus:

Dusting ceiling fan blades, detailed grout treatment in bathrooms.

Damp wiping/scrubbing baseboards and blinds.

Scrubbing off dirt, fingerprints, and smudges from doors and door frames. Other tasks specified by customer.

(PLEASE NOTE: Deep cleaning takes about 3x or more as long as a basic clean)


Levels of Cleanliness

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